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i-Freight24 - THE RIGHT CHOICE

We want to bring shippers/consignees and forwarders/carriers together to choose the best bid for your business.

i-Freight24 for shippers: Provides you a simple online platform where you can easily place your freight request and you get various offers from different forwarders. This allows you to smoothly compare the rates and choose the best bid for your business.

i-Freight24 for carriers: We will offer you a huge range of freight requests for all transport modes. Look for the most interesting request for your company and place your offer.


i-Freight24 - ADVANTAGES

Extend your network and raise your facts and figures.

Advantages for shippers: Our platform will work for you. Don’t ask several forwarders anymore by mail to get a quote for your request. Place your request on i-Freight24 and you will get the best market bid from specialized forwarding companies within your given timeframe.

Advantages for carriers: Looking for additional orders and new customers? Visit i-Freight24 and look up for transport requests which match your business opportunities. You will have the chance to use your capacity and raise your profit.

i-Freight24 - CLIENT BASE

Our client base ranges from one time shipper/consignees, to daily shipper/consignees. On forwarder/carrier side we operate with global players, local and regional specialists and dedicated business partners.